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Pioneering the commercial film industry in northern Alberta.

C.I.A Solutions is the biggest indoor digital advertising company and we will give you the "best bang for your buck!" in the Peace Country region of Northern Alberta and BC!

C.I.A Solutions is a company of innovation. We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of technology, and teaching our customers to embrace the modern way of doing things. Digital advertising, mobile marketing, digital menu boards, communication screens, and professional level film production are all tools that are at our disposal. We bring technology to the marketplace and use it in different and unique ways. Ways that others have never dreamed of, while still keeping things simple and user friendly.

Technology is a tool, and what makes any tool effective is the hand that wields it. C.I.A is not an in the box company. We are a company of out of the box thinkers who are constantly moving in a different direction than our competitors. A more exciting, stylistic and fun direction; and that’s the way we love it. C.I.A Solutions, bringing innovation to you!

We can provide you with:

  • Static or full audio/video ads on our indoor advertising network
  • An indoor digital screen for your business
  • Digital menu boards for restaurants, cafes, etc
  • Kiosks for hotel lobbys, mall entrances, movie complexes, etc
  • Cable TV with ad insertion overlays

The content possibilities are endless!

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Len Morissette
Cell: 780.814.8856
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Film Production:

Ryan Dalgleish
Cell: 780.978.9669
Office: 780.830.2428
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